Marvin Glass

This page features a gallery of toys that were designed by Marvin Glass and associates. Most of which were sold in the 1960's. Here's what you will see here...Mr. Machine, Ants in the pants, Dynamite shack, Clean Sweep, Dandy the Lion, Hip Flip, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, Fang Bang, Robot Commando, Gnip Gnop, Hands Down, Evel Knievel stunt cycle, Humor Rumor, Haunted House, Smash Up derby, Jungle Hunt, King Zor, Kooky Carnival, Gaylord, Inchworm, Lite-Brite, Mad Marbles, Limbo Legs, Mosquito, Miss Popularity, Mr. Mad, Mystery Date, Odd Ogg, Operation, Penny the Poodle, Pop Yer Top, Quick Shoot, Strip Shooter, Mouse Trap, Bucket of fun, Slandlot Slugger, Situation 4, Smarty bird, lady Gaylord, Stay Alive, Super shot hocky, tight squeeze, time bomb, Tip-ti, Toss Across, tugboat, twiddler, Which Witch, Wrestle around, Yakkity-Yak.