Virtual Hugo- Man of a Thousand Faces
  The Secret Fun Spot is proud to present Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces! Hugo is a toy that was sold in the mid-1970's. Any kid lucky enough to have one could spend hours changing Hugo's identity by applying his various disguises to his face. Now for the first time, you, the internet user, can take pleasure in disguising Hugo on your own computer.

Click here to download
Virtual Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces (477k).

Once it's downloaded, unzip the file with
W inzip or Stuffit Expander. Then open the .dcr
with the web browser of your choice.



NOTE:You must have Shockwave installed. If you don't have it you can follow the automatic prompts and download it free. Or you can find it at

DIRECTIONS: Click and drag disguise pieces onto Hugo.
Arrange them to make your own custom look. Also note
that not all disguises work together. If you're having trouble getting one to stay in the place where you want it to, try grabbing it in a different spot.